Video: Alcatraz and Mass Incarceration

San Francisco Public Library hosted a conversation between Troy Williams and Jackson Lam on July 22, 2020.  The video below is  recording of that event.  In this video, Troy shares his own experiences of  incarceration and reentry and emphasizes the value of restorative justice in his life.


“Troy Williams, founder and director of Restorative Media and host of the Troy Williams Journal served 25 years in prison facilities. Williams along with a National Park Service Alcatraz park ranger will discuss mass incarceration in America. Learn how the history of incarceration at Alcatraz informs us about the state of incarceration today, with a special focus on incarceration and reentry during the current pandemic, protests and uprisings.”  (Description from San Francisco Public Library.)

Timeline of Library Services to Incarcerated People

Note: Please see the revised timeline in my chapter on Carceral Histories in the United States.

Timeline image

I’ve created a timeline of library services to incarcerated people beginning with the first library committee on the topic that I could locate (1911) through the creation of ALA’s most recent version of the standards for service to correctional institutions (1992).  You can access the work in progress at

Library Services to Incarcerated People_ 1911-1992

A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns

You may have noticed the they/them pronouns module on this site.  I created it because so many people seem unfamiliar with the practice of using they/them pronouns, and many of the materials available on pronoun usage assume some level of prior knowledge.  I hope that it provides useful, accessible information on they/them pronouns and nonbinary gender identities.

If you’re looking for something in book form – or even comic book form! – I’m happy to recommend the recently released A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns by Archie Bongiovanni and Tristan Jimerson.


Here is an interview with the creators on

The book is available from Limerance Press , or you can search for it in your local library through Worldcat.  (Not in your library’s collection?  You can always suggest it as a purchase.  This increases the chance that other people who need this resource will be able to find it!)